Sunday, August 21, 2005

me likey the fat black woman

... because it's simpler than reading Grosz.

Grosz kept her word and solved nothing. Then again, she's asking for a major headache if we were to de-binarised and think reason for reason itself.

How is it possible anyway? you take in history, you take it out. you consider psychoanalysis, you don't. Ultimately there's still this subjective mind/soul (no I'm not saying that they are equal. I just don't know) that's doing the thinking, and all knowledges will be coming with conditionals and everything.

erm. If I'm missing anything, that's because I am missing something. If Grosz did mention something about ways to achieve knowledge for knowledge itself - I can name-drop Irigaray but I probably shouldn't because the last part pretty much escaped me.

On a personal note, The Fat Black Woman's Poems are refreshing. All the socio-political historio-whatever hangovers aside, it's real wonderful to see folds of fat being depicted as sensual. It's sexy, even. It's sexiness shoved in your face. Nichols' poems are like hard black lines on white paper ("Black Poem...", "... And a Fat Poem" and "Afterword"). Kind of like "Fat feels/as fat please" (from "Fat Poem"): "fat" being driven in by repetition and I don't know about anyone else, but the line just says that flesh is pleasing to the touch as opposed to feeling up Kate Moss - or Ally McBeal. And that came after "Black as the intrusion/of a rude wet tongue" ("Black Poem")... it's almost raw energy being on the offensive as she's being (one would think) defensive ("Motto on Her Bedroom Door").

There's more to say but the train carrying my thoughts are running off course, so...

me likey the fat black woman.


Blogger wheyface said...

I don't think that Grosz is after some essentialist body of knowledge, as your post seems to suggest. She is not taking subjectivity out of knowledge, but she is trying to get us to think about the specificities that make up our subjectivities. She turns her attention particularly to our sexual specificities.

8:45 pm  
Blogger might have died after said...

oops. I have got to read Gross - er, Grosz again heh.

1:37 am  

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