Thursday, October 20, 2005

dirty urbanite

in the Urban section of our national newspaper today:

The "Neg" is supposed to be this ambiguous statement, backhanded insult/compliment whatyoucallit used to pick up "a beautiful woman, with the intent of demostrating.. a lack of interest in her". e.g. "Those are nice nails; are they real?" Local authorities of the dating game say don't do it, guys, because "[m]ost Singaporean women are pretty confident of themselves and may be put off"

while i dunno if that example of the "neg" in the paper is potent enough as an insult, i would just like to tell men to please take note of the word "Most" in "Most Singaporean women." it means that there are some other women who are confident in what i think is a sexier way who can appreciate the harmless fun, wit and innuendo behind such pick-up tactics and can play off the men. but men who are planning to try this, please also come up with actually witty lines and note your delivery. you could actually sound bad enough for the lady to "consider it rude." and bring along your confidence and wit. anyone, in any case, wants to come off suave in the face of rejection, bitchified of otherwise. so in one fell swoop, dating authorities betray zilch confidence in Singaporean men and Singaporean women to be of a singular species. and pray define beautiful women.


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