Friday, October 21, 2005

foot in my mouth

some stranger i met in my part time job during the end-of-term deadlines season was wearing an NUS windbreaker. he took on the cushier role of the supervisor which pays 7 bucks per hour, spends office hours in office air-con while i earn unstable income by travelling in hail rain or scorching heat to interview potentially hostile HDB residents .

me: did you just graduate? or you just have lots of time to be able to take up this job?
(i am always amazed by people who do more than giving tuition during term time)

him: just graduated. waiting to go NIE.

normal polite ignorant person would ask: oh. so when does NIE start term?

me: seems like everyone's going NIE.

him: arts what. what to do?

did i mean anything less than polite and just a wee bit insulting with my oh-so-innocent remark? (it wasn't made with the intention to insult the guy, as my conscience testifies)


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